Pole jump and back jump are similar to each other

To me, "roll forward" and "roll back" or "roll back and forward" could also mean "jump forward" and "jump back".

Or, for instance, "walk forward" and "walk back", or "jump forward" and "go back", etc. In that case, we have 10 different words that could mean "jump forward". Which means the word "jump", by itself, couldn't actually mean anything.

jump a distance

So, the question is "jump"? I don't mind it, so if you do, please say the word "jump" and you can use the words in context to see if "jump" still means "jump". Or if any of you know of a better word than "jump" that could mean "jump forward" and "jump back", then please use the words in context and tell me. It'll take a little while. In the meantime, let me know when you are ready. In the mean time, I think there can be no question that "jump" means "jump forward" and "jump back", so any other use would be wrong. Re: "jump" meaning "jump forward" and "jump back"? Just so you know, I think "roll" should carry the sense of "roll backward" and "roll forward". I think "step" means "jump forward" only. I would not have a problem with using "back jump" and "front jump".

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I would have a problem with using "jump" as the only sense of the word because it seems that it should and there would come a point where it would no longer be able to mean "jump a distance forward or backward". If the sense of "jump" as "jump forward" and "jump back" cannot be used without saying the word "jump", it would seem to me, that using "turn" or "roll" or whatever the word. So where does this leave jumping rope?